Benefits of Using Computer in Teaching English Pronunciation


Elocution keeps on filling insignificance in light of its critical jobs in discourse acknowledgment, discourse discernment, and speaker identity. PC is in effect progressively utilized in helping English articulation to upgrade its quality. The reason for this paper is to examine the benefits of utilizing PC in English elocution guidance. Understanding the upsides of PC is a significant stage in the effective utilization of PC into English language education overall and elocution guidance specifically. Discoveries from observational exploration, instructors’ jobs in utilizing PC, and suggestions for language educators and students are additionally talked about. Catchphrases: benefits, PC, language educating, articulation guidance

1. Teaching English Pronunciation

Articulation is one of the most troublesome abilities in Language mastering and educating (Haghighi and Rahimy, 2017; Pourhosein Gilakjani, 2016; Sadeghi and Mashhadi Heidar, 2016). English elocution hasn’t been paid enough consideration and no genuine endeavor has been done to see the incredible worth of this significant expertise (Farhat and Dzakiria, 2017). Elocution guidance has been ignored by certain instructors because of the absence of time, absence of certainty, and vulnerability regarding how to show elocution (Derwing and Munro, 2015). The genuine objective of utilizing PC is to make changes in language instructing and learning (Pourhosein Gilakjani, 2014a,b; Thompson, Schmidt and Stewart 2000).

PC helps educators and students approach objective language in various fields (Pourhosein Gilakjani, Sabouri, and Zabihniaemran, 2015). While hardly any educators get adequate preparation in showing elocution and little class time is spent on instructing elocution, the utilization of PC innovation can be a successful method for showing English articulation (Breitkreutz, Derwing, and Rossiter, 2002; Burgess and Spencer, 2000; Kawai and Hirose, 2000; MacDonald, 2002). Various analysts have completed a few examinations on articulation highlights through utilizing PC, including general elocution quality (Sefero˘glu, 2005), discourse rate, familiarity, and enthusiasm (Hincks, 2005), vowels and consonants (Neri, Cucchiarini, and Strik, 2006a; Wang and Munro, 2004), vowel extending and pitch complements (Hirata, 2004; Kawai and Hirose, 2000), inflection (Cauldwell, 2002; Hardison, 2004a; Kaltenboeck, 2002; Levis and Pickering, 2004), English pressure timing (Coniam, 2002), vowels (Wang and Munro, 2004), pitch emphasizes and phonemic term (Hirata, 2004; Kawai and Hirose, 2000), general fragments (Neri, Cucchiarini, and Strik, 2006), elocution nature of individual words (Mich, Neri, and Giuliani, 2006), and pitch (Hardison, 2004).

Most of these investigations show that utilizing PC can be powerful in educating articulation. As indicated by Neri, Cucchiarini, and Strik (2002), PC helped elocution guidance enjoys many benefits. Students can approach endless contributions by utilizing PC programming independently and it can consequently give individualized criticism for students. Students can likewise utilize a great deal of pre-recorded materials by the utilization of a PC.

Neri, Cucchiarini, and Strik (2002) likewise underscored that excellent sound is one of the significant elements of PC programming that offers students the chance to take a gander at the articulatory developments utilized in delivering sounds. The other element of PC is that educators/students can contrast their sounds with that of local speakers. Hismanoglu (2006) communicated that articulation programming gives a peaceful climate through which the students can admittance to perpetual info, practice at their own speed, and get criticism.

Educators can utilize PC in their elocution classes since it gives their students boring practice that can help them work on their elocution. It can give them an intuitive learning climate in various modes, for example, entire class, little gathering or pair, and instructor to understudy (Hismanoglu and Hismanoglu, 2011). PC gives students with individualized guidance, regular practice through listening segregation, and programmed visual support that shows them how their own articulation is close to the local speaker model (Levis, 2007). Agreeing to Hayati (2010), the utilization of PC is one of the great methods of further developing articulation educating, and learning. It establishes a regular habitat for the two instructors and students to educate and learn articulation successfully.

2. Exact Studies on Using Computer Technology for Teaching English Pronunciation The utilization of PC for further developing articulation has been explored by certain specialists (Butler-Pascoe and Wiburg, 2003; Eskenazi, 1999; Kim, 2006; Neri, Cucchiarini, Strik, and Boves, 2002; Walker, 2005). Walker (2005) observed that understudies’ accounts work on their articulation. These accounts increment understudies’ inspiration and their independence and grant them to assess themselves. These accounts are dissected by discourse investigation programming and consequently further develop elocution. Neri, Cucchiarini, and Strik (2006) completed a review on utilizing PC for educating elocution. The discoveries showed that PC innovation helped Dutch students work on the creation of the prepared Dutch portions.

Hutchby (2001) observed that PC innovation assists students with expanding their emphasis on the successful learning of elocution. Simُ es (1996) explored the impact of PC on educating inflection. The discoveries addressed that the utilization of PC is extremely compelling in instructing sound. Eskenazi (1999) tracked down that the use of PC is valuable for the learning of different elements of elocution like focused and unstressed words. Dekaney (2003) likewise communicated that utilizing PC is significantly more compelling than utilizing customary strategies for articulation guidance. Seferoğlu (2005) utilized Pronunciation Power programming (2000) for educating articulation. Seferoğlu (2005) showed that educators who utilized the product for articulation guidance had fundamentally preferred post-test scores over the individuals who utilized conventional educating techniques.

AbuSeileek (2007) utilized complement decrease programming to see if it prompts the improvement in students’ elocution. The outcomes showed that the exploratory gathering that adheres to guidance by utilizing accent decrease programming outflanks the benchmark group which adheres to conventional guidance. The discoveries of this concentrate additionally uncovered that the product enjoys a ton of benefits for students to work on their elocution. Rostron and Kinsell (1995) directed a review on learning elocution and the aftereffects of their review uncovered that members who utilized the electronic programs had more prominent upgrades in elocution than the individuals who didn’t utilize it.

Numerous specialists inspected the impact of ASR innovation on further developing elocution (Al-Qudah, 2012; Hincks, 2005; Kim, 2006; Seferoglu, 2005). Hincks (2005) examined the effect of Talk To Me programming dependent on ASR innovation on the English way to express a gathering of members. The got results addressed the programmed input that members got in the exploratory gathering about the quality of their elocution quality from Talk To Me–programming was more viable than input they got in the benchmark group from their educator. Furthermore, Kim (2006) played out a concentrate on ASR programming. The members of his review utilized ASR programming and paid attention to sentences created by the local speakers. The aftereffects of this review demonstrated that ASR programming was a valuable method of instructing elocution to students in circumstances where they don’t admittance to local speaker instructors.

The other review was finished by Verdugo (2006) towards the impact of ASR programming on inflection. Two gatherings participated in this review: trial and control bunch. The exploratory gathering which utilized ASR programming worked on the quality of inflection more than the second gathering that didn’t utilize the product. Also, Lee (2008) explored the impact of My English Tutor and Issues in English programming on Taiwanese students’ elocution. The consequences of this review show that these two programs significantly affected working on the students’ articulation. Mitra, Tooley, Inamdar, and Dixond (2003) inspected the effect of ASR programming on students’ way to express dangerous phonemes. The discoveries addressed that the ASR programming assisted students with working on their articulation.